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THE STORY OF DUCCIO: THE BEST BESPOKE SUIT AND MADE-TO-ODER MEN CLOTHES MADE This page will give you a glimpse into how these clothes are made, why they are so special, and what to consider when choosing yours.


You can tell by looking at a good suit that it’s a special bespoke suit. When you understand what is involved in making one, you can truly appreciate it as a work of art.

Suits Making

Our suits are of modern style, 100% hand-made from different choices of material from domestic and imported one.

Customers can choose between made to measure and real bespoking. We also provide fused or half canvassed or full canvassed suits. Our skillfull staff will bring a trully memorable experience for all customer.

It takes up to 1 week to make a suit with 2 buttons, large notch lapel, very soft shoulder, working sleeve button holes, perfectly cut, which gently fall and hug around the gentlemen’s bodies.

This process is involved by skillful in-store measuring staff, pattern cutter, the most skillful sewer. Then QC staff (Quality control) makes sure the bespoke suit finish beautifully.


It’s important that we respect the artisans who attend in a great suit, by step by step making it into beautifully finished, fine fitted suit.

Shirts, vest and pants tailoring

Continuing an unforgetable experience for a men with made-to-order extra pants, vests, fitted shirts and coats. All these hand made products added with suits create a full set that help keep a man’s appearance styling in all occasions.

Our shirt, pant and vest styles and materials are updated every year. Customer will be advised to choose from hundreds of options covering modern blends, wrinkle-free to exclusive 130s cashmere wools for pants and vest (waist coat); 100% cotton or bamboo silk for shirts.