DUCCIO difference

We cut slim and sleek for a modern look that’s both striking and refined. Every Duccio bespoke garment is crafted to your precise measurements – and finished to our exacting standards – for an unparalleled fit that is sure to command attention.
To ensure the great tailoring products, our staff have spent countless hours learning and refining their skills.
We also have IT team to develop apps and programs that help our online customer take their measurements precisely.

We added many steps to our finishing processes as we continue to understand more and more about customer’s need and world trend. And there are some elements that help us stand out of other competitors:
  • All suits and other products have been 100% hand made by skillful staff.
  • Suits are made in different finish basing on customer’s request (Fused, half canvassed, full canvassed)
  • Unique tailoring experience will be provided help customers decide all the detail on their suits, shirts, pants, vest and coats with no extra fee.
  • Accessories have been collected from different sources for customer’s choice that match with their clothes.
  • Style training short couses are organized every month help customer style up like gentlemen.
  • Door-to-door service is provided as customer’s order or for VIP Customer free of charge.
  • Express service is available with extra charge for traveler with limited time.


Attributes of a well-bespoke suit.
There are many important decisions to make when selecting a suit: style/cut, fabric, color, and having the suit fitted properly.

1. Decide which style/cut you like best: Regular, semi-slim or slim fit.
2. Choosing fabric: If you are only going buy one suit, it should wool. Look for suits made of 100% “worsted” wool. Worsted wool suits are durable, hard-wearing, and usually fine for wear in all seasons.
3. Color: For a first suit, it is a good idea to choose a dark, solid color such as charcoal gray, black, or navy blue. For men who purchase many beyond the basic solid colors, subtle patterns such as pinstripes or herringbone may be considered.
4. Proper fit: To make sure your suit have proper fit with you. Please see the detail in YOUR FIT article on this website.


Taking care of your suit:
You need to make sure you correctly care for your suit to present yourself in the best light. Two main reasons for this stand out:
So you look as good as possible. So it lasts as long as possible
There are two main suit-care areas: storage and cleaning. We’ll cover each below in a list.
1. Use quality coat-hangers in your wardrobe
2. Make ample closet space and use garment bags Invest in cedar blocks and shavings
3. Use a steam cleaner to remove wrinkles before wearing.
4. Set the steam to the lowest heat setting
5. Suits should only be dry cleaned when they need it and it is important to choose the proper dry cleaner.
6. Air your suits after use for between 24-48 hours