How a suit and a tuxedo different

It’s necessary to talk about the key differences between tuxes and suits. What makes a suit a suit, and what makes a tuxedo a tuxedo?
Suit Tuxedo
Any classic color works Only black or midnight blue
Day or evening Evening only
Necktie or bowtie Bowtie only
Notched or peak lapels Peak or shawl lapels
No facings Facings on lapels, pockets, outseams & buttons
Any shirt White shirt with bib & French cuffs
Any button (1-3) (Single/double) 1 button, single breasted or 6x2 double breasted
Pleated or plain front trousers Plain front trouser
Plain or cuff bottoms trousers Plain bottom trouser
Flap pockets (2 pockets/3 pockets) No flaps (Only 2 pockets)

A tux is a tux, and a suit is a suit. Knowing the differences between the two is important because, at some point in his life, there’s a good chance that a man will have to wear a tuxedo.