Buying your first suit

There comes a time in every man’s life in which he must emerge from the cocoon of boys’ clothes and start dressing like an adult. this is often commemorated with buying your first “good” suit, often at the tail end of college. You have to look good for graduation photos and job interviews, right?
what should your first suit be? This article will discuss the gritty details of what you should look for in your first suit.

Material: Your first suit will probably be your only suit for a long time. It has to work for weddings, funerals, job interviews, dates, and other events. It needs to be worn in any season at any time of day or night. Your first suit must be your everything suit. Your first suit should be made from wool.

Colors: Your first suit should either be solid navy or solid charcoal grey. Charcoal may be the most versatile choice of the two.

Shoes: We feel very strongly that grey suits pair equally well with black or brown shoes. Navy suits, on the other hand, pair best with brown shoes. So you should buy one black shoes and one brown shoes. Regardless of shoes style, you can choose between Oxford/derby/Brogue based on your personality.

Details of Jacket:
  • Two-button single-breasted stance with top button approximately 2″ above the navel.
  • Notch lapels as opposed to peak lapels are more versatile.
  • 3″-3 1/8″ wide notch lapels, which aren’t too skinny or too wide. The ideal width depends on your body type.
  • Side vents.
  • Flapped pockets (no patch pockets).
  • Self-coloured or grey smoke buttons.
Details of pants:
  • Plain front is recommended, but pleats are fine too.
  • Plain bottoms or cuffed corresponding to plain front and pleated, respectively.
  • Avoid flap pockets.
Your first suit doesn’t necessarily need to be a three-piece suit. It doesn’t hurt to have a matching vest, though, as you can pick and choose when you wear it. If you do decide to buy a matching waistcoat, aim for a simple 6-button single-breasted one without any lapels.

Shirts: we suggest grabbing a selection of two to four shirts. If you focus on white and light blue shirts with classic spread collars, it should cover all the bases. At first, you may want to prioritise barrel cuffs.
However, if you have a selection of several, a few double “French” cuff shirts can’t hurt and will offer some cufflinks opportunities.