Accessories and personal items a man should have

No matter what your personal style is, you’re going to need accessories and personal items. A well-stocked wardrobe will have:
  • Belts & Braces: Your trousers need to be held up somehow. At a minimum, every man needs one black belt and one brown belt, both in leather. After that, you can just have fun. 
  • Ties: Basic ties are covered in the capsule wardrobe, but you can branch out much further depending on how often you like/need to wear them.
  • Handkerchiefs: White hankies are the perfect starting point. When expanding, select ones that coordinate well with your ties. 
  • Socks: Basic socks that match grey or navy trousers are covered in the capsule wardrobe linked above. Socks are one place where you can show a lot of personality, especially if you wear a lot of denim or otherwise casual garb. They’re also relatively inexpensive, so use socks to add color and pattern when you can.
  • Underwear: We don’t care if you’re a boxers guy, a briefs guy, or a boxer-briefs guy. We’re unconcerned with whether or not you prefer crew neck undershirts or v-neck ones. What we are concerned with is the rate with which you replace and rotate these items. Given that they should be worn only once and then washed, lifespans on underwear are much shorter than we’d like to admit.

Besides above items, a man should have others below: 
  • Cufflinks: If you wear French cuff shirts with any regularity, you’ll want a stable of cufflinks. Precious metals and stainless steel are natural options, but colorful silk knots provide another way to have a bit of fun and further coordinate your wardrobe from a color perspective.
  • Watch: You should own at least one high-quality watch.  
  • Jewelry: At its most basic, a men’s jewelry collection includes a watch and a wedding band. Signet rings, class rings, and bracelets are all fair game. If you’re into body jewelry, earrings and other piercings, there’s no reason to not keep a solid collection on hand.
  • Eyewear: Every man needs at least one pair of sunglasses to protect his eyes from harmful UV rays, and many of us wear prescription glasses regardless. Men should know how to best select the ones for your face shape, personality, and more.